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Natural Body Care ... pure, safe, healthy, handmade with love

Handmade natural soaps and skin care products from Island Pixie are created in small batches using a variety of natural oils, scented only with pure essential oils, botanicals and essences right here in Bascom, Ohio. Why? Because all natural body care matters! What we put on our skin matters. Our fine natural soaps, creams and balms are made from healthful ingredients such as: freshly pressed olive and avocado oils; edible coconut, palm, and castor oils; sustainably-harvested fair trade shea butter; other natural oils and dried herbs, botanicals, naturally derived colorants, essential oils, butters and waxes. All of our products are hand packaged and labeled.

Island Pixie not only offers soap and lotions, but specialized baby care - BabyKin; facial care - Fairy face and a line of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils - Pixie Essentials. There are also Pixie/Fairy craft items available.

Why use Island Pixie handcrafted natural soap? My homemade soap is made from essential fatty acids from natural vegetable fats and oils. Virtually ALL marketed "soaps" and beauty bars purchased in stores are mislabeled. If the ingredients contain lists of chemicals such as "sodium palmitate" or "sodium laurelate" (and most do), it is a formulated beauty bar or detergent bar, NOT real soap. The fact that oils are listed chemically indicates that the oils are either petroleum based or "fractionated" and have had most of their glycerides (fatty acids) removed. Detergent bars are usually labeled as soap but really contain fractionated/synthetic oils and/or petroleum products instead of the complete natural fats and oils. None of these altered oils have their natural vitamins and nutritive skin care qualities intact.

To compound the drying effect, most store-bought soaps are formulated with petroleum based and/or large molecule oils and fats. These large molecule fats dissolve and combine with your natural skin oils. When they are washed or wiped away, they take all the natural oils with it. The skin is unable to absorb any of these oils. Animal fats, such as tallow and lard, often used in older (and cheaper) soap formulas, have the same effect, as well as clogging your pores.With natural soap, problem skin is restored to a healthy glow naturally. To further nourish and moisture your skin, try our natural lotion products for maximum protection.

Please read the "About Us" section for more information

To contact, please email as the links on the contact page do not work properly. Thank you.








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