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Gift Sets

Most of the gift sets listed here are one of a kind unless otherwise listed. I find it difficult to predict exactly what is wanted in a gift set as everyone has their own needs. If you would like a custom gift set, please email or message me with your product choices and/or price point and I will give you a few options! 

Mothers Day Set #1
Our Price:  $40.00  
Mothers Day Set #10
Our Price:  $8.50  
Mothers Day Set #11
Our Price:  $11.00  
Mothers Day Set #12
Our Price:  $10.50  
Mothers day Set #13
Our Price:  $9.50  
Mothers Day Set #14
Our Price:  $20.00  
Mothers Day Set #15
Our Price:  $20.00  
Mothers Day Set #16
Our Price:  $15.00  
Mothers Day set #17
Our Price:  $20.00  
Mothers Day set #2
Our Price:  $32.00  
Mothers Day set #3
Our Price:  $43.00  
Mothers Day set #4
Our Price:  $22.00  
Mothers Day Set #5
Our Price:  $30.00  
Mothers Day Set #6
Our Price:  $20.00  
Mothers Day Set #7
Our Price:  $16.00  
Mothers Day Set #8
Our Price:  $29.00  
Mothers Day Set #9
Our Price:  $22.00  
Specialty Soap Set
Our Price:  $10.00  
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